WIC Program: COVID-19 Emergency Response


COVID-19 Updates

North Carolina WIC Program North Carolina WIC Program
  • Most WIC clinics are open. However, some WIC clinics will stop face-to-face interactions temporarily to protect the health of WIC participants and staff. Your WIC office may call to reschedule an appointment. If you have questions or concerns, please call your local WIC office.
  • If you are seeking WIC services for the first time, please visit the MyWIC page to contact your local agency.
  • Última información: la mayoría de las clínicas de WIC todavía está abiertas. Sin embargo, algunas clínicas de WIC cerrarán temporalmente para proteger la salud de sus participantes y personal. Tu clínica WIC se comunicará contigo para hacer una nueva cita. Si tienes preguntas, favor de llamar a tu clínica local de WIC.
  • Si necesita los servicios de WIC por primera vez, por favor hacer clic aquí para contactar a su clínica WIC.

North Carolina WIC Program

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 COVID-19 Information for Local Agencies

COVID-19: Families First Coronavirus Response Act (H.R. 6201)

North Carolina was granted approval of a physical presence waiver through May 31, 2020.  The approval to waive the physical presence requirement includes the ability to defer anthropometric and bloodwork requirements necessary to determine nutritional risk for the period the physical presence waiver is in effect.  Where necessary, the local agency may defer anthropometric and bloodwork requirements necessary to determine nutrition risk but the Competent Professional Authority (CPA) must still attempt to the best of his/her ability to assess nutrition risk based on the information available through telephonic or online communication and/or referral data.

WIC Processes without Physical Presence (PDF, 424 KB)

Breast Pump Issuance Resources

  1. Teaching Checklist (PDF, 118 KB)
  2. Assembly and Care Videos
  3. Hand Expression
  4. Required Handouts for Remote Breast Pump Issuance
    • Breastfeeding Supplies Release of Liability and Loan Agreement
    • CDC’s Storage and Preparation of Breastmilk - Available for order via the NSB Materials Requisition Form

 COVID-19 Information for WIC Families

The safety and health of your family is WIC's utmost priority during the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). To protect all families and staff, your local WIC offices may be offering services by phone or online until further notice.

Please call your local WIC office ahead of your appointment to see if it is open to face-to-face.

What if my WIC office is closed?

Families with a North Carolina eWIC card, your WIC benefits can be added to your card remotely during an active certification period. WIC staff may call or text you to confirm information about your account. Please check in by telephone or follow your WIC office’s website or social media for updates.

What if I can't contact my local WIC office?

Please contact the Nutrition Services Branch, the North Carolina WIC State Office.

  • Phone: 919-707-5800
  • Email

What if WIC foods are out of stock at my grocery store?

If you have the Bnft® app on your smartphone, you can sign in and use the Store Locator to search for stores in your area that accept WIC or view a list of grocery stores (PDF, 611 KB) in your area that accept WIC.

If you have a North Carolina eWIC card, you can also use www.mybnft.com to search for WIC grocer locations.

How can I get WIC if I lost my job from COVID-19?  New to WIC?

If you or someone you know has been financially affected by recent events and are pregnant, just had a baby or have children under the age of five, WIC is accepting applications for new families and is here to help provide healthy foods and other resources. Eligible families, dads, grandparents and foster parents caring for eligible children should contact their local WIC office for more information.

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Last Modified: March 26, 2020