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Vendor´s Connection: Maximum Allowable Reimbursement (MAR) Search

Please enter a Food Instrument Code (FIC) to determine its corresponding Maximum Allowable Reimbursement (MAR) rate. The FIC should be 3-6 digits and might include 1 space. After you enter the FIC, click the "Find the MAR" button to obtain the corresponding dollar amount. If available, the MAR should display below the search form. If a food instrument does not have a code printed on it or you can't find a MAR, please contact the Vendor Unit by fax at 919-870-4895.

Note: Rates returned by the search are effective July 1, 2013. You may also download a complete list of MAR rates for July (PDF, 59 KB) or June (PDF, 59 KB) 2013. (You will need the free Adobe Reader to view the PDF files.)

To obtain the MAR for July:

  1. Enter 3-6 digit FIC with single space (if applicable).
  2. Click the "Find the MAR" button.
  3. Results, if available, should display below the single-line form. If a rate is not returned for a code you think is valid and have typed correctly, please refer to the PDF version of the rate sheet. If you still cannot find the rate, please contact the Vendor Unit.

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