School Food Authorities and At-Risk Afterschool Meals (SFA-ARAMs)


ARAM Quick Facts

  • Who qualifies?
    School Food Authorities participating in and in good standing with the National School Lunch Program qualify for the CACFP At-Risk Afterschool Meals Program
  • What are the benefits to children?
    SFAs can serve supper plus a snack each day during the week to school aged children after school*
  • What are the menu requirements?
    SFAs can choose between the NSLP meal pattern and the CACFP meal pattern for menus
  • Are there any flexibilities during COVID-19?
    During COVID-19, the USDA has waived the area eligibility requirement for ARAM. In addition, programs can apply for waivers to send meals and snacks home with children, drop off meals via bus routes, or allow for parent or guardian meal pickup. There are additional waivers available for meal patterns and meal service times. The state agency must approve all waiver requests before implementation.

    *ARAMs are also eligible to serve a meal and a snack on weekends and on non-instructional days during the school’s regular calendar year (i.e., Teacher Workdays, Winter Break, etc.)

How to Apply (1, 2, 3)

SFA-ARAMs How to Apply

#1 Email your forms to

NC CARES New Institution User Access Request Form

New Institution Application Profile

#2 The State agency will provide access to NC CARES

This is the online system through which institutions apply and file claims

#3 Complete the online application in NC CARES following the New Institution Application Guide for SFA-ARAM

New Institution Application Guide – School Food Authority At-Risk Afterschool Meals



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Last Modified: 03-29-2021