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(picture of mother breastfeeding twins) Mothers of twins say that breastfeeding makes it easier to take care of two babies. When you have twins, your breasts make more milk.

Each baby nurses for about 25 minutes on one breast at a feeding. Some mothers find that one baby takes more milk than the other, and they alternate which breast the bigger baby nurses. This keeps the breasts about the same size. Other mothers have babies who nurse about the same amount and they do not worry about which breast each baby nurses.

Some mothers like to nurse each baby separately. After one baby is done nursing, nurse the second one. You can also nurse both babies together, which saves time. To nurse both together, have several pillows to support the babies and:

Premature Babies

If your baby is too little or too sick to nurse, you can use a breast pump. The milk you pump can be saved in a freezer in the nursery until your baby can be fed.


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