Breastfeeding Resources

A Special Thanks... the mothers who shared their experiences with breastfeeding. the health care providers who commented on drafts of the book. the Best Start Program for allowing us to use excerpts from their series of pamphlets on breastfeeding.


Martha Ballard, RNC, MN - Women's Health Section

Janice Lebeuf, MPH, - Children and Youth Section

Marva Mizell-Price, MPH, RNC - Duke University Medical Center

Mary Overfield, MN, RN, IBCLC - Lactation Consultants of North Carolina

Sarah Roholt, RD, MS - Nutrition Services Section

Kevin Ryan, MD, MPH - Women's Health Section

Maria Sienkiewicz, RN, IBCLC - Wesley Long Community Hospital

Mary Rose Tully, BA, IBCLC - Lactation Consultants of North Carolina

Photography: Bill Ellington and Jim Page
Design and Formatting: Bryan Bass and Denise Smith

(ERC 95R) 5G - 4/95

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