Child and Adult Care Food Program

Feeding Children's Bodies: Fueling Growth and Promoting Health

Picture of children at schoolChildhood is a time when eating habits and behaviors are molded. The goal of a good nutrition program in day care is to promote continued health, growth and development. Feeding Children's Bodies addresses the basic nutrition needs of preschool children between the ages of one and five and suggests that the day care provider begin to implement small, but significant changes to enhance the nutrition program. Begin by identifying problem areas within the existing program. Once a nutritional concern is identified, it is recommended that you choose a solution to the problem or goal that you know you can achieve. With that goal in mind, you can map out the specific changes that can be made to comprehensively improve your nutrition program. Taking a STEP-wise (Strategies, Teaching children, Educating families and Planning for change) approach to improving the nutrition program involves not only making changes in the foods served, but including children, their families, and the day care staff in the process as well. Each has a role in fueling growth and promoting health in children.