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The resources on this page are intended for WIC Local Health Agencies. If you work for a local agency and would like to request a resource addition, please contact the WIC Program: Send us an email.

Public Health Nutritionist Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in public health nutrition positions in North Carolina. The majority of the positions we are recruiting for are within local county health departments and community agencies. There are more than 400 public health nutritionists working in the state. We believe you will find that North Carolina has a superb public health system with many talented, creative people working in it. Most positions primarily provide counseling and education through women and children’s health programs, including the WIC Program; however great many also have assignments in such interesting and diverse areas as:

  • Maternal and Child Health
  • School Health
  • Chronic Disease
  • Diabetes Prevention and Control
  • Health Promotion
  • Early Intervention

To find the job openings at a local health agency in North Carolina, please search on the name of the county. From there, look for the Human Resources section of the website or the job/employment section. We must stress that each agency is independent, which means that each sets its own standards for applying, interviewing, hiring and earnings. For further information about a particular position, please call the appropriate contact person. Best of luck!

Local Agency Nutritionist Professional Development Tool

This tool is based on a self-assessment process designed to help nutritionists identify their own training needs. Ultimately, completing the tool will promote professional development by helping nutritionists to expand knowledge and skills in public health nutrition, to explore new areas of interest, and to advance their careers based on personal goals. The tool is completed independently, although a supervisor or experienced coworker may be ideal mentors during the process of identifying goals and training needs. The following four modules make up the tool:

  1. Module 1 is a self-reflection exercise that assists in articulating professional and personal goals that may impact career development.
  2. Module 2 is an interactive self-assessment that helps determine specific areas of strength and weakness in public health nutrition practice.
  3. Module 3 involves the creation of a Learning Development Plan based on self-reflection and self-assessment results.
  4. Module 4 has links to continuing education resources that can be used toward career development, including trainings listed on this webpage.

Learn more and begin using this tool now. external link

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