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What is Crossroads?

The North Carolina (NC) Crossroads WIC System is a model information system that is replacing the 30-year old NC WIC Automated Data Processing (ADP) System. The system requirements for Crossroads were defined by a consortium led by the state of North Carolina and included Alabama, Virginia and West Virginia. Crossroads is a robust system that will manage all facets of WIC operations, including client services and vendor management. Crossroads uses modern web (HTML/HTTP) technology, standard WIC data elements, and complies with Federal policy and regulations.

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 Crossroads for Local Agency Staff

Crossroads Resources

Crossroads Upgrade 1.8.2 Guidance (PDF, 974 KB)

Crossroads Software Upgrade - New! 09/23/15

The North Carolina Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Crossroads system will release a new software version to local agency users. This release is scheduled for Monday, October 5, 2015. Version 1.8.2 includes:

  • New functionality related to changes to NC contract formula
  • Fixes to some certification and issuance errors

Downloading Crossroads Production Instructions (PDF, 244 KB) – This guidance describes how to download the new version to each local user’s desktop to replace the prior version. The Nutrition Services Branch (NSB) recommends that users in a local agency clinic site stagger their downloads; this is especially important for larger sites and sites known to have slower-performing networks. This may require one user to complete the download before a subsequent user starts the download. If at all possible, NSB strongly recommends the download to each desktop be performed before the clinic site begins serving participants. We also strongly recommend that you communicate with your local or county IT staff about this upcoming release installation and request that they are available for technical assistance the morning of Monday, October 5.


Crossroads was implemented in local agencies between February and December 2014, and most local users now have several months of experience with the system. There are over 1800 established local users in 170 sites serving over 257,000 participants statewide. With the millions of individual transactions that have occurred so far, there have been relatively few issues with the system. NSB staff continue to work towards resolution of reported issues. This document lists the current status of known issues and offers guidance for local agency staff to address each issue. This guidance document replaces the Crossroads Guidance document dated 5.13.15.

Application and Certification

Prescribing Food

Issuing Food Instruments



Breastfeeding Care Plan and Supplies



North Carolina WIC Program Manual

N.C. WIC Program Manual

The North Carolina WIC Program Manual has been revised to reflect the implementation of the Crossroads system. Note: Some of the files listed below are large and will require sufficient time for download.

WIC Crossroads User Manuals

WIC Crossroads User Manuals

The WIC Crossroads User Manuals are intended for use by state and local WIC program staff to support WIC Crossroads rollout. Manuals are designed to aid WIC personnel in learning about the functions and uses of the application.

Major functions of the WIC Crossroads application are divided into the following areas:

 Crossroads for Vendors

Crossroads has resulted in a change in the appearance of food instruments and cash-value vouchers. Some participants have been issued food instruments/cash-value vouchers from the new system. As a result, you may see these food instruments/cash-value vouchers transacted in your store. The check stock color will remain the same, but the following will change:

  • “Issue Date” will be listed as “First Date to Spend”
  • “Participant Must Use By” date will be listed as “Last Date to Spend”
  • The words may be smaller and in a different font
  • More foods may appear on the food instrument
  • The quantity of the foods listed may be greater
  • The quantities of the foods listed will be numeric, not spelled out
  • The “Participant Name” will be listed as the “Family Name”
  • The “Participant ID” will be listed as the “F-ID”
  • The “F-ID” will be listed under the “Family Name” which is now a longer field

Samples of the new food instrument and cash-value vouchers can be seen below.

Until all areas of the state begin to use Crossroads, you may see food instruments/cash-value vouchers that are generated from both the old and the new systems. As more information regarding the appearance of the food instruments/cash-value vouchers becomes available, the State WIC Agency will update WIC vendors accordingly.

 Crossroads for Local IT Staff

The NSB Customer Service Desk is a single point of contact between local users, both our customers and yours, and IT services and applications. These applications include WIC ADP, Crossroads, and NC CARES. Service consultants assist customers in resolving incidents through technical support and problem resolution.

Training and Online Resources

A recorded webinar conducted by the NSB Customer Service Desk for Local IT Staff is available on the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services You Tube site. Information covered during this webinar included a high-level overview of the WIC program followed by a more concentrated discussion of the new Crossroads IT architecture. Technology requirements (hardware, software, peripherals) and IT support required by local agencies were also discussed. View WIC Crossroads for Local IT Staff.

Contact Information

  • Telephone: 919.707.5795
  • Email

 Crossroads for Health Care Providers

The transition to Crossroads will not change how health care providers interact with or supply information for WIC applicants or participants. There is no change in the WIC eligibility requirements. All applicants must reside in the service area, be categorically eligible, be income eligible and have a documented nutrition risk. Providers may continue to use the WIC Exchange of Information Form (PDF, 450 KB) to supply information to the local WIC Program. To ensure your patients receive needed modifications to their food packages including formula changes, continue to use the WIC Program Medical Documentation Form (PDF, 438 KB).

 Crossroads for WIC Participants

Crossroads will allow the North Carolina WIC Program to better serve you. However, for a week or so before the change to Crossroads, your WIC clinic may working with a limited staff. You will still get your WIC benefits. Look for posters in your WIC clinic or ask the WIC staff to find out when they will start using Crossroads. You might ask why WIC is making the change. There are many benefits for you:

  • Easier scheduling
  • Quicker food instrument pick-up
  • Fewer questions at check-in
  • Quicker in-state transfers
  • Food packages meet family needs

As we make the change, we are asking for your help.

  • Please be understanding…WIC staff will be busier for a few months.
  • Please be flexible…WIC staff will need more time for your first appointment after Crossroads starts.
  • Please be patient…WIC staff are learning the new computer system and want to give you the best service possible.


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